Cheap to Environmentally Friendly

Moving people from a cheap option to a more environmentally friendly one is tough in a commercial setting. Of the target list we managed to convert 36% of the companies with some interest in Recycling.

There where a few challenges which were not at all anticipated. The major trend was that newer businesses are interested in recycling service. This makes sense, they are building a reputation and creating a customer base. Leveraging off of the recent buzz around green businesses helps them.

Here are a few cuttings from the final infographic presented.

We have redesigned our composting processes to account for gym hand towels which are used in significant volume by the Gyms in town.

Glass is what people typically think of for recycling. It can be commercially sold at a profit. However, that depends on the quality and sort processes. A commingled sale is significantly more likely to get rejected from the shipping plant in Auckland, but most companies around town are reluctant to sort for themselves.

Read more about redirection from landfill in the final post of the series.

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